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Sunfired Cuisine 36 Hour Certification Course.

A gourmet ethical live food experience with Dr. Aris LaTham. This special course is designed for everyone, including health professionals, caterers, chefs, health conscious families, who want to awaken their dormant culinary energies and have fun NOT cooking…naturally!

Sunfired Food replaces the stove, oven, microwave, pots and pans with the juicer, food processor, blender and dehydrator. It utilizes plant foods exclusively. Special attention is given to the principles, concepts and techniques of living whole food preparation and presentation. Learn new skills and secrets for making incredibly delicious and nutritious dishes that are living artistic masterpieces that taste as good as they look. Come in and learn an invigorating new world of fresh foods with original tastes, textures and colors that fully satisfy all the senses in higher levels of well being.


$3900 per person, per program

$600 non-refundable reservation deposit

Full payment is due no later than two weeks prior to arrival

36 hour Course of study, Accomodation, All meals, Round trip transportation from Panama City to Sunfired Academy Centre, Course materials, 1 Year Sunfired Membership TV Subscription.

Tuesday 12:00pm – 6pm | Wed – Sat: 9am – 12pm, 3pm – 6pm | Sun: 9am – 3pm 

May (SOLD OUT!) 
Jun 24 – 1 |
Jul 8 – 15 | July 22 – 29
Aug 5 – 12 
Sept (SOLD OUT!) 
Oct 14 – 21
Nov 18 – 25 (Total Body Reset)
DEC 2 – 9 | DEC 9 – 16 |
DEC 16 – 23  | DEC 23 – 30


Sunfired Food Science  The Electro-Magnetic Energies of Foods
The Stoveless Kitchen • How to Eat to Live an Optimal Life


• appetizers • seaweed • side dishes • entrées • salads • pizza  •  savory pies • breads
• wraps • sandwiches • dressings • dips • sauces • spreads • chips • crackers • tonics
• cultured & fermented foods • soups • vegetable juices • fruit juices • smoothies
• earth milks • shakes • paradise pies • cookies • mousse • nice creams and more 

*Disclaimer* Thanks for your interest in our retreat program offering. As per the Sunfired Academy program offering, our purpose is centered around culinary vegan raw food arts and science. We’re not doctors, or any other medical professionals, therefore we don’t engage in any form of medical or healing practices. The program we currently have available is designed for general holistic health and wellbeing. It is not shared an option for treating any type of disease condition. As a culinary arts and science institution, guided by Aris LaTham, the focus is based on his life experience as it relates to lifestyle transformation through keen observation of the USDA’s “My Plate” nutritional guidelines as applied to a vegan raw food eating regimen. Let’s have a direct phone conversation if you’d like to further engage with me on exploring the Sunfired option to transform your eating culture based on the consumption of high frequency fresh agricultural plant foods.


At present the only program option offering the Sunfired Academy has available is a raw food preparation certification retreat. This program is scheduled at various times throughout the year. Ideally, the individual who is responsible for preparing your meals, if they are not prepared by you personally, is recommended to accompany you on this program.