Total Body Reset – The Ultimate Masterclass

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Get ready to THRIVE with the Total Body Reset –

Your Path to Ultimate Wellness Mastery!



Presented LIVE from Sunday, May 26th 2024

Led by wellness powerhouses Aris, Victoria, and Aaron. This is your opportunity to dive into the ultimate wellness journey!

Our interactive masterclass will be delivered LIVE in an exclusive private community setting online, so you can dial in and join from anywhere.

We will reveal the secrets to decreasing inflammation, uncovering food sensitivities, and supercharging your natural detoxification pathways.

Here’s what’s included in your ticket price:

Exclusive access to 4 x 1.5 hr live Masterclass sessions hosted by Dr. Aris, Victoria & Aaron (4 lessons spread across 4 weeks)

• A Sunfired Juicing guide packed with tips to reach your body goals

• Quick and helpful support, including exclusive Live Q&A sessions

• Access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals

• Downloadable Total Body Reset Sculpt & Tone workout plan (valued at $99)

• Lifetime online access & unlimited playback of your learning material

• Exclusives Partner Offers: Gain access to exclusive offers and discounts from our trusted partners in the health and wellness industry

• Bonus Workshop: Enjoy a bonus workshop where we will be covering topics such as mindfulness, stress management, and meal planning to deepen your knowledge and enhance your wellness journey.

 • 3 day community juice fast (optional) Elevate your experience by joing  our group juice fast led by your expert instructors! Dive into the transformative power of intermittent fasting as you detoxify your body, reset your metabolism, and accelerate your journey towards total wellness alongside a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

• Exclusive discount codes for future retreats

• Access to exclusive recipes and much more!

Ready to take charge of your wellness journey? Secure your spot now and join us for a life changing  experience!

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Total Body Reset 4 Week Masterclass:


Week 1 – Revitalize Your Energy: Prepare for an electrifying voyage of self-discovery as we plunge into the captivating realm of food, nutrition, and movement hand in hand! Unveil the secrets to revitalizing your energy with the exhilarating potency of juicing, and feel the electrifying synergy between nourishment and movement. Join us as we unveil the groundbreaking hydration strategy of H3O, backed by rigorous scientific principles, to propel your transformation to new heights. In your first masterclass lesson we will help you learn how to unlock your full potential and achieve the sustainable, vibrant health you deserve. Bid farewell to low energy as you end week one with a revitalised sense of vitality.


Week 2 – Balance Your Weight Sustainably: Food is information for your cells & good health starts in the kitchen, in this class you will learn how to kick start your metabolism by reframing your approach to cooking. Move away from seeing meal time as a chore as we teach you a new and beautiful way to nourish your body. Get ready to optimise your mindset towards health and supercharge your wellness journey as you learn how to effectively to shape and sculpt your body naturally! We will share our secrets on how to incorporate healthier habits to achieve lasting results.


Week 3 – Radiate from Within: Uncover the dynamic fusion of science and holistic wellness on a deeply personal level as we delve into the transformative power of potent herbs. Feel the surge of energy as we reset your system and ignite your inner glow. Together, we'll cultivate unwavering resilience and balance, unlocking your body's boundless potential for radiant health and vitality. Dive deep into the essence of true beauty, understanding that it radiates from within. Discover the transformative significance of movements that support your body's dynamic nature, empowering you to thrive with consistent vitality and boundless energy, ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way.



Week 4 – Turn Back Time: Get ready to unleash the ultimate biohack and transform your age! Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new age as we dive deep into the science of rejuvenation. Discover the power of giving your gut a much-needed rest and unlock the secrets of eternal youth using the incredible healing power of "food as medicine." Learn how to optimize your body's natural processes by creating space for flow and renewal. Get ready to strip away the years and elevate yourself to a whole new level of vitality and youthfulness!


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The most invaluable elements of our masterclass is the live Q&A sessions following each lesson, where we open the floor to our incredible community. This is your chance to get direct answers to your burning questions, dive deeper into the material we present, and connect with fellow wellness warriors on the same journey as you. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to elevate your experiences and accelerate your results!

Transform Your Life NOW!
Get Ready for the most transformative 4 weeks of your life?

Secure your seat TODAY and kickstart your journey towards a healthier, happier you. Secure your seat now and experience the Total Body Reset difference!


** Please note: if for any reason you cannot make the live sessions all 4 lessons along with the Q & A will be saved on and you will have life time access to this learning material.


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